Accent Reduction Training Association

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~ Established 1998 ~
Celebrating Our
18th Year!

  ARTA's Method 
  gives you confidence

  ln Person 
 On line 
 On site

"If you're not completely satisfied with the quality of your tutoring session, simply ask us and we will credit you for the class."

Client Testimonials:

"It was as if a personal trainer was right there beside me, whispering
in my ear,
 while I consorted with patients and staff."
- Health Care Physician - Madrid, Spain

"My busy work schedule didn't allow me time to travel to a speech
class after work. They made it easy and hassle free."
- IT Consultant, U.S.A., via, Bangalore, India

"You guys did it again. I secured a job this afternoon after a
real breakthrough in this morning session
." - Theatre, Film, TV International - Actor, LA

"Sometimes I avoided conversations, now I see them as an opportunity
improve my speech. - Financial Exec. - Wall Street


"ARTA taught me to speak with confidence and clarity, and get out
of my own way." - College Professor, Detroit, Michigan


"This is Fun and Effective." - Manhattan, NYC - Attorney at Law


"I'm looking forward to my next session." - Real Estate Businessman,
Upper East Side, NYC


"The most fascinating lesson I ever had."-Chemical Engineer, Washington, D.C.


"I wish I knew about ARTA years ago." - Consulate General to the U.N. - NYC

"It was positive, and engaging classroom experience. Thank you."
- Real Estate Professional - Tampa, FL

"The exercises are highly effective." - IT Professional, Seattle, WA

"I can make an appointment when I'm traveling from New York to LA
for business."
- COO Fortune 100 Company

"I felt like Alice falling through the hole. I discovered something very valuable."
- Chicago, IL - IT International Consultant

"When I found the ARTA method, something clicked! I had not thought of communicating on such a powerful level."  - Time Warner Cable, 
Sales Representative

"My trainer challenged me, to be better; like a good mentor or a coach."
- Seattle, WA - Human Resources, HR Tech Firm